there will be good times, and there will be bad. (the international version, for Ms Taylor!)

This day has been so much better than yesterday. Because:
* I did not have porridge with salt for breakfast, for the first time in weeks.
* Mum sent the package full of love, chocolate and postcards with cranes. That woman!
* We cheated and started decorating for the weekend and purchased the world's most colorful garland. And fancy candle that we're not allowed to light until Friday.
* I have a mini job, thank god. Good start! 
* Semlacakes! With nuts n chocolate instead of almondpaste. Finesse.
* Mikaela threw a book out the window and yelled something about crappy literature. 

Right now, we love it more than anything on this earth, and I think that it will probably continue so until the first hangover in this apartment.

Another great thing about being a grown up person, you may actually have party decorations whenever you want! 


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